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Homesick for Io

Born On Io
9 May 1983
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Um... the name is because it turns up in searches if you bung 'born on Io' in the box, and I live in hope that there's someone else out there in the same position. (No luck so far, but although I can rabbit on for hours about what a beautiful place Io is, I'm not fussy, if you're from anywhere in the Jovian System, do let me know.)

However, while I'm here, I'm a hopeless-case slash fanficcer, currently (and quite possibly terminally) obsessed with writing Hitchhiker's Guide and Man from UNCLE slash, and reading too much Blake's 7 into the bargain. I started writing the graphic stuff when I was ten, before I knew about fandom, and when my computer was a green-screen Amstrad 'liberated' from the town hall skip. Some of it is even almost readable, so there's no chance of escape for me. My fic is mostly over at Fanfiction.net, under the name 'TheRimmerConnection', because I lack the time and imagination to post anywhere else, though I mostly read from other archives. And just to make my life that little bit more difficult, I'm cursed with a researcher's brain, so when I write in a fandom, I tend to go crazy before I start (another good reason to limit what I write). Hence an excess of space-related knowledge for HHGG, and a lunatic three months of learning Russian before I could let myself start on any MFU. Hum. Oh yes, and I beta fic like a maniac.

My house is literally cracking under the strain of about 6,000 books and a couple of hundred zines. By the time I reach fifty I'm going to be making furniture out of the damn things just because there's nowhere else to store them...

I have so little time because I'm a freelance jack-of-rather-a-lot-of-trades. I spend three days a week as a costumier, then most of my evenings backstage at the theatre or onstage in dinner-murders, then the rest of the time split between painting (space images, portraits, murals, whatever people want), making pantomime dame costumes, writing children's holiday clubs, making props for theatre, film and television, teaching and playing the piano, and proofreading. (Just got my proofreader's certificate, so am feeling rather smug and trying not to let it irritate the people I beta for!) Plus my degree is in archaeology, which is why it is taking forever for me to landscape my back garden, I just get distracted by bits of broken pot, I can't help it :P So this is why I'm really bad at posting. I'm all good intentions, honest :)

Ah yes, and I do know where my towel is. It's in my bag, take it everywhere, can't recommend it highly enough, you know, until you start actually carrying a towel, it rather washes over you how incredibly useful they are, mine gets pressed into service in a variety of functions most weeks...